Marie Galante, Bateau, Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

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The ship "Marie Galante" was built in May 1915 in the wharf owned by Conrad Lühring in the German Hammelwarden as a sail lugger. The first eleven years the ship was deployed in the trawl fishery and run solely on wind power. From 1931 to 1978, the ship changed hands several times, mostly in Danish hands. a Dutchman owned eventually came in 1978 and was converted into a passenger ship. Since then, the ship carrying the Spanish name Marie Galante because the owner was reminiscent of a medieval Spanish lady, elegant and trots.In winter the Marie Galante at the head of the Veerhaven in the heart of Rotterdam. A unique place with views of the Erasmus Bridge Hotel New York and the architect Rem Koolhaas-designed building "De Rotterdam", completed in 2003.In the summer moves the ship to the other side of the ferry port, with the same great views. The ship is close to public transport from the ferry port, it allows you to the center of Rotterdam! You can also use the Watertaxt that takes you over the Maas at Hotel New York. On board the Marie Galante, you will have a wonderful time, an ideal holiday address for a great holiday stay in central port city of Rotterdam Additional information: Quilts are part of the linen package which you can rent. The linen package includes duvet cover and a bath towel. Mattresses and pillows are always standard covered with a fitted sheet and pillowcase. The possibility also exists to bring your own sleeping bag or own comforter and linens.
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South Holland
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